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Introvert VA Networking Bundle

Hey Introvert VA!

Attending networking events could be super draining and overwhelming. Sometimes, they could even feel scary 🫣

Trust me...I get it!

I've avoided events because I felt misplaced or nervous. If it's online, I used to keep my camera off because I didn't want to be seen. 

But, I recognized that networking is an important contributor to business success. So, here's my advice to you, my fellow Introvert VA:

Let's work together to feel comfortable stepping out of our comfort zones and connecting with others.

Introducing the Introvert VA Networking Bundle!

This bundle was created exclusively for introvert Virtual Assistants who want to navigate networking events with ease and enjoyment. In other words, it has some practical activities to help you feel less stressed and have fun while making meaningful connections.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. The Introvert VA Networking Guide

The 7-page guide is your go-to resource, offering valuable tips and strategies specifically tailored to introverts.

From overcoming social anxiety to initiating conversations, this guide will empower you to step into networking events with confidence and ease. Get the tools you need to be an effective networker.

2. Icebreaker Card Decks

These are perfect to kick-start your conversations!

With thought-provoking and engaging questions, you'll effortlessly connect with others, fostering genuine and meaningful interactions that go beyond the surface level.

3. A Seek & Find Sheet

This specially designed sheet will help you to break the ice, explore the event, and challenge yourself in a fun and interactive way. Engage with participants and learn something new. The items on the sheet will also help you to find common ground with fellow attendees.

But that's not all!!!

You'll also receive bingo cards to add an extra layer of excitement to your networking experience. Mark off tasks and actions as you accomplish them, turning networking into a rewarding game. From initiating conversations with strangers to exchanging business cards, these bingo cards will keep you motivated and engaged throughout the event.

Don't let networking events overwhelm you anymore.

With the Introvert VA Networking Bundle, you can confidently navigate any event, feeling less stressed and more connected. Embrace the power of introversion and transform networking into an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Order your bundle today to experience Less Stress. More Fun!

Add an extra $5 USD and get these card decks to keep you motivated and focused.

Introvert Reflection Flashcards (20)

Introvert Affirmation Cards (24)

Introvert Motivational Cards (24)


3 Modules

Activity Sheets

Let the fun begin! 🥳🥳🥳

Click the button to download and print your activity items.

Next Steps

I gave you the tools to be a more effective networker. Now, it's your turn to go out there and shine!

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