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Blog 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant


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In our most recent article, we gave an overview of who a Virtual Assistant is. You can read it here

Today, we will look at 6 reasons why it may be time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant.

1. You feel overwhelmed.

Can you imagine how frustrating it could get when you're doing it all on your own? Been there. Done that. You usually find yourself with a backlog of administrative tasks and missing deadlines.

As business owners, we sometimes like to take on all of the work ourselves. Sometimes it's because we don't think we can afford the help or we believe we are the only ones who can do what we do. Whatever the reason, we end up being the ones at our desks day in and day out. Then stress kicks in because we don't seem to have enough hours in the day. We are on the hamster wheel and missing out on the fun parts of life.

Does this sound like you? 

Getting the work done is one thing but getting it done on time is more important. Imagine these scenarios:

  • You're bogged down with lots of administrative tasks and clients are complaining about unanswered calls.
  • Those orders that should have been mailed out 2 weeks ago are still sitting on the shelves.
  • You have lots of filing to get done...and finding documents is challenging.
  • When you check your inbox after a few days, it's overflowing with unread emails.

Doesn't sound like fun if you ask me.

2. You are spending too much time on recurring tasks.

Think about those tasks that must be done daily, weekly, or even monthly. They are the same tasks over and over again. Doesn't it feel monotonous sometimes?

Don't you wish you could delegate those recurring tasks to someone so that you could focus on growing your business?

This is time you could've been networking, developing your next business idea, or doing something that you'd REALLY like to do. Then why not hire a VA to help you?

3. You lack specific skills. 

Ahh! This right here, my friend, is so true but often hard to admit. Remember we spoke earlier that you've been doing it all and want to do it all? So letting go of some tasks could be hard...I get that. But, the reality is:

  • You don't know everything.
  • You don't know how to do everything.
  • You may not have the skills to get some stuff done.

A win-win is to hire a VA with the specific skill set you need. She will handle the tasks that you are not that great at doing while saving you time and money in the long run. 

4. You're on a tight budget.

If you've recognized that you need help in your business but you're worried that it will be expensive, think again. Hiring a full-time employee is expensive. Hiring a VA doesn't have to be.

  • You could hire a VA on a short-term basis to clear your backlog.
  • You could hire a VA to schedule a few months of posts to your social media accounts. Then you could recycle these posts if you don't have the funds to do new ones.
  • You could hire a VA to manage your inbox twice a week.

These are a few ways a VA could help you...and they can all be done within budget. Plus, you won't be responsible for purchasing equipment and office supplies nor will you have to take care of her taxes or pension plan. She's an independent contractor so she will bear those costs.

5. Recruiting and training a new hire sounds stressful.

Finding staff could be a long process. And, you may not want to go through it especially since you already have a lot on your plate. But here's the reality.

A Virtual Assistant is not just another hire.

She is a team member who has the skills and experience to hit the ground running. So while you will have to put in some work upfront to find the right person, you'll be able to breathe easy because you have the support you badly need. 

Remember, you’re outsourcing tasks to someone who knows what she's doing. Your VA will have the skills and experience to do the job so you won’t have to spend weeks and months on training. 

6. You want to get back some hours in your week.

Remember that dinner you had planned with your wife? Or, maybe you told your child you'd be at his next football game? YOU MISSED IT AGAIN!

What about the time your best friend invited you to go shopping with her but you couldn't because of work?

You are so busy in your business that the important events in your life are being neglected. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get back some hours in your week for family and friends and the much-needed 'ME TIME'? Then, It's time you get some help so you can spend time with the people who matter the most.

Final Thoughts

You just discovered 6 reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant. There are others but these are to get your thoughts flowing and to see how beneficial a VA could be to your business success.

  • Share in the comments which one of these reasons most relates to you.
  • Click here to access the hub with free resources to help you hire your first or next VA.
  • It's time to get help in your business. Check out our Book a VA Service to get started.


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