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Client Testimonial Toolkit

Hey Virtual Assistant and Virtual Service Provider!

Are you tired of hearing crickets in your business?

Are you struggling to find the right clients?

Do you wish you could just find strategies to attract the clients you eagerly want to support?

Fear not my friend! I’ve got you!

I’m Desi-Ann Gordon, VA Coach and Trainer. I’ve spent 5 years helping Virtual Assistants  to go from being clientless to feeling more confident in finding their dream clients. 

Before I got totally savvy on finding clients for my business, I too used to feel discouraged.

Then I had an AHA moment: “use testimonials to showcase my skills and abilities.

That was the turning point in my business. I started gathering testimonials from everyone I assisted…family members, friends, past co-workers, etc.

I started publishing their feedback to build social proof. I can definitely say testimonials are super effective!

I know this stuff works…

which is why…

I’m sharing The Client Testimonial Toolkit with you!

Client testimonials are powerful tools to help you skyrocket your business.

They build trust, demonstrate your expertise, and provide social proof to potential clients. 

Are you using client testimonials to their fullest potential? 

If you answered no, then this toolkit is for you. We've packed in all of the resources you'll need to:




In this toolkit, you'll find:

🌟 Client Testimonials Checklist

To ensure you don't miss any crucial steps, I’ve created a handy checklist that covers every aspect of the testimonial collection process. From identifying ideal clients to following up after receiving testimonials, this checklist will keep you organized and on track to gather compelling feedback.

🌟 Get Those Testimonials video

My comprehensive video guide takes you step-by-step through the entire process of collecting and leveraging testimonials effectively. You'll learn proven strategies, best practices, and tips to maximize the impact of testimonials on your business.

🌟 Client Testimonial Request Letter template

Writing a testimonial request can be daunting. But fear not! I’ve crafted a professionally designed template that you can easily customize to suit your unique business needs. This template is carefully structured to ensure you ask the right questions and elicit powerful testimonials that highlight your strengths.

🌟 Client Feedback Form 

The Client Feedback Form is an invaluable resource that will empower you to deliver exceptional virtual assistant services and foster strong client relationships. By consistently seeking feedback, you'll be able to refine your offerings, exceed client expectations, and position yourself as a top-notch virtual assistant in your field.

🌟 Client Testimonial Tracker

Tracking and managing testimonials can be overwhelming, especially when you have multiple clients and projects. With the Testimonial Tracker, you can easily record the source, date, and type of each testimonial, making it effortless to access and showcase them when needed.

“The Client Testimonial Toolkit transformed the way I showcase my client's successes. It's a must-have for anyone looking to heighten their testimonials and build trust with their audience.” Nyla

Remember, testimonials are the secret sauce that can set you apart from the competition. Act now and let your clients do the talking for you!

6 Modules

Step 1: Ask

Reach out to your past and current clients for feedback.

Step 2: Collect

Have a method to collect feedback from your clients. 

Step 3: Publish

Share your clients' stories with others so they know how you could support them.

Next Steps

You have the tools. Now, it's your turn to go out there and shine! But before you leave, there’s one thing I’d like you to do for me 😊

Modules for this product 6

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