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Hey Aspiring Virtual Assistant!!!

Did you know that VAs do more than typing and making phone calls?  Not really?

Do VAs charge the same rates? Umm, no. It depends on several factors e.g. the type of VA

This guide will answer some of your questions about VAs and the industry.

Honey, if you're clueless about all this VA stuff, then you are definitely in the right spot! Grab a copy of this guide today! 

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About Desi-Ann Gordon

Hi , please watch this interview so you could understand how my journey started and a bit about my mission.

7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Assistants Guide

After you download this guide, you will receive a few more emails from me. There are lots I want to share with you to help you decide if this is the career path for you. So, please bear with me. 

Want to help a friend to get started as a VA?

We would for you to spread the word about the work we're doing here. There are many persons who want to own service-based businesses but don't know where to begin. 

You could help us to help them by becoming an affiliate partner. See inside for more info.

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